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02 Apr

SDI Labs have become a popular anabolic alternative. They are effective when used with proper training and nutrition they can help you pack on muscle, get lean, and boost strength. So what is best and most effective legal Dianabol (D-Bol) alternative?

What Are SDI Labs?

SDI Labs are a safe alternative to anabolic steroids, what they do is mimic the effect of anabolic steroids, producing similar results without the side effects.

Some products help increase muscle mass by using concentrated amounts of amino acids, others take a different approach and use ingredients like L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, which help increase more blood flow into the muscles and boost nitric oxide levels.

A quality SDI Labs can help increase muscle mass and boost strength and best of all there are no side effects.

Why Not Just Take The Real Thing?

Anabolic Dianabol is illegal in the United States, and if you make the mistake of trying to buy some online, you’re likely to either get into legal trouble or end up with a counterfeit product that can be bad for your health and give you little to no results.

Anabolic Dianabol also has more side effects than legal alternatives. Unless you are a pro bodybuilder, why would you want to risk your health? Some of the side effects of taking Anabolic Dianabol can include:

  • High blood pressure
  • High LDL cholesterol
  • Oral DBol (may cause liver problems)
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • Bloating

While the side effects of taking Dianabol are not as serious as other steroids, they should be considered, especially for long-term use.

So What’s The Best Legal D-Bol Alternative?

Invented in the summer of 2001 by SDI Labs, D-Bol has quickly become the most popular oral anabolic available due to reports of extremely dramatic muscle strength and size gains. D-Bol’s special formula includes a chemical called methadrostenol which creates a substantial ergogenic action after being taken. D-Bol tablets are completely safe and have very little hepatotoxicity because they lack a altered C-17th carbon configuration. Additionally, due to its unique structure, D-Bol seems to have a longer half-life of anabolic activity present in trained skeletal muscle. Aromatization and water retention also seem reduced because of this configuration. Users are reporting gains greater than any other legal oral anabolic compound without the negative side effects. It provides:

  • Bigger Muscles: Faster muscle growth and muscle tissue repair
  • Strength Increase: You’ll see yourself getting stronger in every exercise
  • Better Nitrogen Retention: Delivers better muscle pumps in the gym which results in increased muscle size
  • More Energy and a Better Focus: You’ll be more motivated to hit the gym

While most people say that Anabolic steroids, including Dianabol, are harmless, recent health issues within the bodybuilding community tell us a different story. A safe Dianabol alternative like D-Bol is capable of helping you increase muscle and strength without having to worry about the side effects or health issues. While many of us want to increase muscle, we also want to remain healthy.

If you’re interested in gaining muscle, losing weight and making incredible strength gains, check out our fully safe and legal D-Bol alternative at LegalSteroids.com today!

25 Mar

SDI Labs, like all weightlifting supplements, are what you make them. What that means is that if you take SDI Labs and sit on your couch afterward, without changing your diet or anything else, they aren’t going to do much for you. If, on the other hand, you start eating right (and at the right times), work out in the gym harder, and get on a better sleeper schedule – it will have a symbiotic impact that’s sure to give you results better than you ever thought possible. Here’s a guide on what to avoid when you are on a SDI Labs cycle.

Protein Sources

Increase your lean protein intake. Steroids work by increasing the levels of serum testosterone in your blood. This synthesis can increase new muscle tissue. In order to do this, your body must have the proper protein nutrients available for breakdown and digestion.

Eat more lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and dairy. Like humans, animal tissue is composed of protein. Your body digests protein to break it down into amino acids, which are then used to help build muscle. Your body consumes this protein and breaks it down into the component amino acids. The increase in serum testosterone provided by steroids enhances your body’s ability to transform the amino acids into human muscle tissue.

Cholesterol And Fats

Eat healthy fats and cholesterol! Over the years, dietary fat and cholesterol have gotten a terrible reputation in the public. But the medical community, for the most part, understands that the story is far from being as simple as “cholesterol = heart disease.”

A much better and more accurate indicator of potential future heart disease is triglyceride and HDL. Specifically, having high triglyceride levels and low HDL cholesterol levels is a bad thing. You want to have the opposite (i.e. low triglycerides and high HDL cholesterol). Dietary fats assist your body’s normal functioning and shouldn’t be thought of as bad. In fact, cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone production in the body. The fat and cholesterol found in egg yolks, for example, is perfectly good for you.

Fish is also a great source of both protein and healthy fats and cholesterol. If you don’t eat fish, you can substitute in something like avocados as an alternative, natural source of omega fatty acids in your diet. Either way, you should probably consider taking an omega fatty acid supplement like natural fish or krill oil. Also, note that red meat may be superior to lean poultry for purposes of lean muscle hypertrophy and regeneration, because while your body can create glycogen without dietary carbohydrates through a process called “gluconeogenesis,” you cannot survive nearly as long without the consumption of dietary fats.

Complex Carbs

Restrict your carbohydrate consumption to complex, fiber-rich carbs such as vegetables and whole grains. Eat whole oats, bran, cucumbers, cauliflower, and similar choices. These offer some essential fiber, while also satiating you sooner, preventing overeating, which could result in fat gains rather than lean body mass increases.

Avoid simpler sugars while you are on your physician-prescribed steroid cycle. Eating a lot of simple carbs due to poor dietary intake can lead to insulin spikes and raised triglycerides levels which can result in the production of estrogenic hormones within the body.  This obviously is a bad thing if you’re trying to gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Protect Your Liver

You should be aware of the effect of SDI Labs use on your liver. Steroids, even when done properly, need to be digested and therefore represent an additional strain on your liver. You should avoid consuming lots of alcohol or other food/drink items that are known to be hard on your liver. To offer added liver protection, take Milk Thistle as a way to keep your liver strong, healthy, and working properly.

At SDI Labs, we offer a range of anabolics so that you can reach the top of your game. Come check them out today. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, contact us now.    

17 Mar

A lot of people who weight train don’t take the time to stretch. “It’s unnecessary,” they think or “a waste of time.” Young weightlifters, in particular, tend to make this mistake. “I won’t pull anything or get injured,” they say (and, in some cases, that may be true). They’re missing the fact that there are more benefits to stretching than injury prevention! Here’s our guide on why stretching before working out is vital to gaining muscle mass.


Stretching, in short, is good for you. It improves muscle flexibility, reduces your risk of injury, and, in some cases, it can enhances your overall athletic performance. Beyond that, stretching your muscles can actually make them stronger, according to the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Stretching can significantly increase your muscle’s range of motion and realigns tissue inside muscle fibers. The stretching action takes place deep within muscle tissue and at the points where muscles meet bones. There are a number of different types of stretching including:

  1. Ballistic Stretching
  2. Dynamic Stretching: Dynamic stretching is a kind of stretch where you gradually move different parts of your body faster and faster to loosen them up and prepare them for exercise.
  3. Active Stretching: An active stretch is a stretch where you get into a position and then hold it there with no assistance other than using the strength of your agonist muscles
  4. Passive (or relaxed) Stretching
  5. Static Stretching
  6. Isometric Stretching
  7. PNF Stretching

It’s important to point out that there’s a difference between dynamic stretching and ballistic stretching, although people oftentimes confuse the two. Dynamic stretching, on the one hand, involves doing things like controlled arm and leg swings. While ballistic stretching, on the other, includes things like trying to force a part of the body beyond its range of motion. There aren’t, or shouldn’t be, any kind of quick, jerky movements with dynamic stretching. Controlled arm and leg swings, as well as torso twists, are good examples of dynamic stretches.

What Stretches Help My Muscles Grow Quickest?

As far as muscle growth goes, you should focus only on doing dynamic and active stretching. Unlike static stretching, active stretching involves movements that repeatedly put muscles through paces via air squats, leg kicks, and more. Active stretching can significantly improve your muscle’s performance via, among other things, increasing blood flow to the muscles, it raising body temperature, and enhancing free range of movements.

You should do your dynamic and active stretching before any other type of exercise. You might also want to consider doing a few light, increasingly intensive sets of weighted exercise before moving into whatever weights you eventually intend on doing. For example, if you want to bench 3 sets of 225lbs, you might want to start with some dynamic/active stretching, and then move onto 1 set of 135 lbs for about 10 reps before you go all the way up to 225 lbs.

A Few Active Stretches To Try For Yourself:

  1. Plié Reach
  2. Low Lunge
  3. Active Pigeon
  4. Downward-Dog Extension
  5. Wrap Around

There you have it, the reasons why you need to stretch before working out! And for those of you looking to make some serious gains check out our extensive catalog of SDI Labs today!

10 Mar

Is It Possible To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At the Same Time? The classic question. Many have asked, and many have attempted it. So, what’s the answer?

Well, the short answer is: No, it isn’t. But this comes with a few qualifiers. For example, very overweight or obese individuals will often both lose weight and build muscle when they first start working out. Eventually, they’ll plateau and hit a wall where they have to choose between focusing on either losing fat or building muscle. You can’t, as the saying goes, have your cake and eat it too.

Why Can’t You?

The common sense reason why you can’t simultaneously build muscle and lose fat is that building muscle requires a caloric surplus while losing fat requires a caloric deficit. You need to eat more, in other words, to build muscle and eat less to lose fat. That is not to suggest that you should only aim for one of these two goals. On the contrary, you should try and achieve both. But you should pursue them at different times.

First, you can focus on building muscle and then, afterward, worry about losing the fat or visa versa. Anyways, it is easier to pursue one goal at a time. You don’t want to put too much on your plate (pardon the pun).

Where To Start

Is It Possible To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At the Same Time_ Featured Image 2

You have to make time to exercise. Although just about everyone in the world today seems to pride themselves on being “busy” if you’re committed to getting into shape you can find the time. Some of the busiest people in the world find the time to exercise. If they can do it, you can do it.


If you’re just starting to work out for the first time and are trying to build muscle there are two things you need to start doing immediately 1) Going to the gym, and 2) Eating better. Notice we said “eating better,” not necessarily less. Because as we said the goal isn’t to build muscle and lose fat all-at-once, but rather to do each in its own time.

How To Build Muscle

Is It Possible To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At the Same Time_ Featured Image 1

You should plan on training each muscle group between 2-3 times per week. You can do by going to the gym 4-5 times per week and doing a split routine or by going to the gym only 2-3 times per week and doing a full-body routine.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like:

  • Monday: Whole Body
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Whole Body
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Off

Or if you’re going for a 3-days-a-week, the whole-body routine you can do:

  • Monday: Whole Body
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Whole Body
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Whole Body
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Off

If you’re doing a split-body routine you can make your schedule something like this:

  • Monday: Upper Body
  • Tuesday: Lower Body
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Upper Body
  • Friday: Lower Body
  • Saturday: Off
  • Sunday: Off


You get the point. The key to remember here though is that if you want to build muscle it’s better to do 2-3 days-a-week in the gym and work your whole body than it does a split routine like Chest one day, shoulders the next, legs the next, and then arms the next, where you only hit each muscle group once per week.

How To Lose Fat

Beyond the obvious “eat less and exercise more” there are some things you can do to kick-start your fat-loss, including:

  • Drinking more water.
  • Eating less sugar.
  • Doing high-intensity cardio workouts that involve busts rather than sustained cardio like long-distance jogging.
  • Eat more protein
  • Eat fewer carbs
  • Have a fiber-rich breakfast like oatmeal

There you have it, some tips and tricks for building muscle and losing weight. For those of you looking to do some serious muscle building, browse our extensive catalog of SDI Labs that work!

05 Mar

Whether you’re a competitive bodybuilder or hitting the weights for the first time, one vital thing to keep in mind’s workout safety. Sure, it’s easy to get lost in the thrill of the workout, to push out one more rep or add ten more pounds. It’s just as easy to push yourself too hard and lose your focus for a split second. Before you know it, you suffer a potentially serious injury. That’s why workout safety is so important.

Spotting Is Not Enough

Some may disregard this thinking, “I always workout with a spotter, that person will look out for me.” Well, that is important, but having a spotter isn’t a guarantee against suffering an injury when working out.

Your spotter may not always be paying attention or may not recognize your body’s limits. Your spotter might be eager to help you get the most of your routine and might encourage you to push yourself harder than normal. For the most part, this is great. You both mutually support each other and get each other to go the extra mile. Sometimes, though, spotters may go too far or not pay attention. It’s important that the person you pick as a spotter is someone who’s attentive and puts your safety above everything else.

Be Your Own Judge

Having a spotter is an important safety measure for anyone. But the person doing the reps has to be aware of their physical and mental limits. You’re the best judge of what your body is capable of. There will be days when you are not feeling it, so it’s best to do a light routine until next time. Then you can hit the weights harder later to make up for it.

Also, during your routine it’s important to follow these basic workout safety tips:

  • Always warm up and cool down: Start off slow and stretch before beginning your routine, and bring your body down with cool down exercises before your finish your workout
  • Remember to stay hydrated: You lose more water than you realize and we all know how vital it is to keep yourself hydrated. This doesn’t just replenish your lost liquids, but cools your body down
  • Wear the right clothing: Dress in comfortable clothing that is appropriate for workout routines, and remember to make sure your shoes fit well and are secured
  • Check your equipment: Examine the workout equipment and makes sure it’s safe to use before starting
  • Listen to your body: If you don’t feel right, or something feels out of place in your body, stop immediately

Workout safety always comes first. This is something we take incredibly serious at SDI Labs. We practice it in our personal lives and we practice it in business. Some companies are content to use chemicals that haven’t been tested. Not us. Our products are the highest quality you’ll find on the market. Check out our cycles today and start getting ripped the safe way!